Recognizing answers to your prayers

This will be Part 1 of a series on recognizing answers to prayers. In the coming posts, there will be a lot of important topics to cover. It’s now time to talk in greater detail about prayer and how you can recognize answers to your own prayers. Before we begin though, there are some import things that you need to understand:

God is your Heavenly Father. He loves you. He is a perfect being. He is perfectly honest in all things. He is a God of truth. He is the source of all truth. Consequently….

“You can ask Him to teach you what is true.”

Did you ever think of that? Did you ever realize that you could ask Him for help to recognize what is true?

When you pray alone, pray with intent. Pour out your heart to your Heavenly Father. Then, listen for answers.

Within your body is a Spirit. In order to receive answers to your prayers, you must learn how to “listen” to answers to prayers through your Spirit.

The Holy Ghost is a personage of the Godhead. Unlike our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost is a Spirit. Two of his missions are to….

1) To testify of The Father and The Son.

2) To testify to us of the truth of all things.

The things of the God can only be learned by the Spirit of God (a.k.a., The Holy Spirit or The Holy Ghost). Consequently, by learning to recognize the Holy Ghost, you can come to know the truth of all things.

OK, so, you may be wondering “How can I learn to recognize answers to my prayers? How can I “tune”-in to my Spirit so that I can recognize answers?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Go somewhere where you can be alone: A bedroom or some secluded spot.
  2. Go somewhere that is quiet–that is free from all noise.
  3. If you have done something wrong, that would offend God, ask first, for His forgiveness.
  4. Ask God for help to recognize answers to your prayers.
  5. After you have spoken, listen. Pay very, very, very close attention to how you feel and what thoughts come to mind.

To be honest, it can be very difficult to learn to distinguish your own thoughts and feeling from those that come that come from The Holy Spirit (The Holy Ghost), but…it is possible.

To learn how you can recognize answers to your own prayers, I would recommend you do the following: Ask questions with “Yes” or “No” answers.

Ask your question, then wait to receive an answer. Whatever you say, use your own words. Be sincere. Here are some of what you can say:

“God, Heavenly Father, if you exist will you please make yourself known to me?”

“God, do you love me?”

“God, did you send your Son, Jesus Christ to atone for my sins?”

Then, wait…. Pay special attention to your answers. Pay attention to what thoughts enter your head. Pay attention to how you feel.

Don’t get discouraged if nothing comes to mind or you don’t feel an answer right away. God will test your faith. He may test your sincerity by not answering your prayer the first time or the second or third time you pray. He may test to see how persistent you are–that you truly want an answer.

I promise that he will eventually answer your prayer. And, when He does, you will recognize a marvelous truth: God loves you and wants to know Him.

It’s impossible to describe to others what feeling the Spirit (The Holy Ghost) is like. It’s like asking someone to describe that salt tastes like.

Imagine that someone came to you and said “I’ve never tasted salt before in my whole life.” How would you describe it to them? It’s not sweet…. It’s not bitter…. If you think about it, it’s very difficult to describe. So, it is with the Spirit, it’s very difficult to describe.

It can be a positive, enlightening feeling. It can bring feelings of relief, happiness, and joy. It can be thoughts that give you a “Eureka!” moment–when a “light bulb” goes on in your head.  Most times, however, it can be very subtle quiet thoughts that enter your mind. In these quiet moments, God is answering your prayer.

Sometimes, answers will be “Yes”. At other times, answers will be “No”. Negative answers can come too. In these moments, you may feel “uncertainty”, “doubt”, or “darkness”. You will not feel good about the decision you are about to make.

Don’t give up if you don’t feel an answer right away. God answers prayers in many ways. Pay attention about what happens you to that day/week. Look for ways that the Lord might be answering your prayers. Your faith may be tested.

God has angels in heaven do His work. While we are being tested down here, on earth, weare to be his angels. We are to come to the need of our fellow brothers and sister in need. We are to help one another–and in some cases be the answer to another’s prayer.  Your prayer may not be answered in the way that you expect it to be answered.

Opposition to the Plan of Happiness

When Heavenly Father presented his Plan, two of his sons volunteered to be our Savior:

Jesus Christ volunteered first. He wanted to glorify and honor our Heavenly Father. He did not want to take away the gift of agency (the ability to choose and make choices for ourselves) that Heavenly Father had given to each of us.

Lucifer volunteered second. He promised salvation for all. His plan was to take away our freedom to choose and guarantee our salvation. He wanted all of Heavenly Father’s power and glory for himself.

Lucifer’s plan was very attractive for some of God’s children. They feared that they would sin and not be found worthy to return to heaven. They lacked faith and trust in our Heavenly Father.

A war in heaven ensued. This was not a war of physical violence. It was a war of words.

Each of us had to make a decision: Would we decide to follow Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ? Or, would we decide to follow Lucifer?

Heavenly Father knew that Lucifer’s Plan would not succeed. He did not want us to be enslaved to Lucifer. Heavenly Father wanted to shared ALL he had with ALL his children. He wisely choose Jesus Christ to be our Savior. He knew that Jesus Christ would succeed.

This enraged Lucifer. He and his followers rebelled against God. As a consequence, they were cast out. Lucifer became Satan (or the Devil). He and his followers were damned (meaning: they could no longer progress to become like our Heavenly Father): They could not come to earth to receive a body of flesh and bones.

Consequently, they do not want us to succeed. They do not want us to return and live with our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. They want us to sin, so we will not be found worthy to return to our heavenly home.

The mere fact that you were born into this world proves that you passed your first test: You chose to follow your Heavenly Father’s plan. You chose the Lord Jesus Christ to be your Savior. You proved that you trusted your Heavenly Father and wanted to follow his plan.

The Light of Christ

Our Heavenly Father wants all of his children who experience this earth-life to return and live with him. To each of us, he has given a gift. This gift is the Light of Christ. Although you may have never realized it, you have been given this gift from your Heavenly Father.

This is a gift that this distinct and separate from the Gift of the Holy Ghost (We will discuss the Holy Ghost in another post.).

Inside your body is a Spirit. Your consciousness is that Spirit within you. The Light of Christ, if you choose to listen to it, is an inner conscience. It is an inner compass that will help you recognize truth. It can help you make righteous decisions that will help guide you back to your heavenly home.

We are all born with this gift. We all innately understand “right” from “wrong”, “good” and “bad”. If we seek to come to know the Lord though prayer, we can recognize answers with this gift.

God desires ALL His children to accept the atoning sacrifice of His Beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I plead with you…. Ask God, your Heavenly Father, in prayer, if he sent his Beloved Son, Jesus Christ to atone for your sins. Ask Him sincerely with full purpose of heart. With faith, expecting an answer.

He will answer your prayer. That is not my promise. That is HIS PROMISE.

No matter what successes or failures you’ve had (or will have in this life). Your life will lack purpose and meaning until you understand your true relation to God, your Heavenly Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. They love us beyond our comprehension. They made it possible for us to return and live with them. It is your choice whether or not to do so.

There are many gifts of God. They all lead us to Him. They will bring us joy and happiness in this life–and eternal bliss in the world to come. Gifts of God help us be instruments in His hands to help our fellow brothers and sisters looking for truth.