A Savior

Jesus Christ was the first Spirit Child of our Heavenly Father. He loved Heavenly Father and he loved us. Although he was already perfect, he volunteered to come to earth and be our Savior–to make possible for us to return to live with our Heavenly Father again.

To live with our Heavenly Father again, we needed to overcome two obstacles: Sin and Death. We needed to be resurrected after we had died. We also needed a way to repent–so we could be cleansed from the sins that we would commit in this life.

Jesus Christ was chosen by our Heavenly Father to be our Savior. His mission was to…

  1. Live a perfect life, without sin.
  2. Provide a perfect example for us (obey all the commandments of God).
  3. Pay the price of all our sins.
  4. Conquer death so that someday we will all be resurrected.

Because Jesus accomplished the Atonement, we can live with God again.

Jesus was different from you and I. His earthly father was Heavenly Father. His mother was Mary. Because of his unique parentage, he had a mortal mother from which he inherited the ability to die. However, our Heavenly Father, also gave him power over death.

Because Jesus had power over life and death, we have all been promised the gift of being resurrected someday. This is a free gift to all God’s children. We will all live again someday after we have died.

You will live again after you have died. Your parents will live again. Your grandparents will live again. Your children, if they have preceded you in death, will live again. Everyone you have ever known or will know in this life will be resurrected someday.

When you are resurrected your Spirit, which is inside your body, which gives you consciousness, which allows you to think and move, will be reunited with a perfect body–never to be separated again. You will be recognizable to everyone you know now. Your resurrected body will be perfect–without any flaw. Not a hair of your head will be lost.

The gift of the resurrection comes to all–regardless of how good or bad one has lived in this life. This is a gift from God to everyone. However, living eternally is not the same as Eternal Life.

Eternal Life is living eternally with God, Our Heaven Father. Whether you receive Eternal Life (or not) is based upon your individual righteousness.

Jesus accomplished the Atonement. He suffered for our sins. In agony, in the Garden of Gethsemane, He bled from every pore. Only he had the capability to endure the weight of the sins of the whole world. He took upon himself all the sin and pain that we would ever face in his life.

Whatever suffering you’ve been though, whatever pain you have ever felt, whatever heartbreak or sorrow you have ever felt in this life, our Savior Jesus Christ EXPERIENCED IT. Yes, that right. He experienced YOUR personal sorrow, regret, and pain. He knows how to comfort you because HE LITERALLY EXPERIENCED ALL OF IT.

Only He can understand what you’ve gone through. Only He can truly empathize.

He suffered for my sins, for your sins, for everyone’s sins, so that we might be forgiven–if we repent.

Repentance is key though. We must repent when we sin and keep his commandments for the Atonement to make us clean again so we can return and live with God again. It is our choice. God will not compel us to repent. We must choose to change our own hearts.

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