Alexa play….

Good music invites the Spirit–which testifies of Christ. Here are some songs that we’ve been listening to on Sunday and various times throughout the week.

Alexa can play most of these songs for you. If not, you should be able to find them on YouTube. Enjoy!

  • “Choose him again” – By Shawna Edwards.
  • “To be his child” – By Shawna Edwards.
  • “I feel my Saviors love.” – By Reese Oliveira.
  • “I know that my Savior loves me.” – By Reese Oliveira.
  • “My Heavenly Father loves me.” – By Reese Oliveira.
  • “Gethsemane” – By Reese Oliveira.
  • “Peace in Christ” – By McKenna Hixson.
  • “I will go and do.” – By David Arculeta.
  • “Risen” – By Shawna Edwards.
  • “I feel God’s light.” – By Blake Gillette.
  • “Come unto Christ.” – By Shawna Edwards.
  • “I will shine.” – By Shawna Edwards.
  • “His hands.” – By Jenny Jordan Frogley.
  • “Praise the man.” – By Jenny Jordan Frogley.
  • “Glorious” – By One Voice Children’s Choir.
  • “A child’s prayer” – By One Voice Children’s Choir
  • “He’s My Son” – By Mark Schultz.

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