Is the Book of Mormon relevant to our times?

In the Book of Mormon, the following occurred prior to the coming of Christ. Sound familiar?

  • The laws were corrupted. 
  • Pride. 
  • Secret combinations. 
  • Wars. 
  • Mocking that which was sacred. 
  • There were doubtings regarding Christ among the general population, denying prophecy, revelation, and the coming of Christ. 
  • The Church converts began to dwindle. There were doubtings among the people of the Church, with dissenters and dissensions in the Church. 
  • People were relying on their own strength and wisdom as a nation.  More people were choosing evil than good. 
  • There were more non-Christians than Christians. 
  • There was a conspiracy to take over the government and seeking for power. 
  • Gadianton robbers and secret combinations got their people elected, filling judgment seats (political offices), usurping power and authority, and controlling the government.  The corrupt politicians sought to entice the people against good. 
  • The people began to depend upon their own strength and wisdom.  People became rich and set their hearts upon riches. 
  • People began condemning the righteous because of their righteousness.  They began letting the guilty and wicked go unpunished because of their money. 
  • Theft is rampant and possessions become slippery.  There was lawlessness and lack of respect for law and order.
  • Like in Noah’s time, the world was filled with violence.  There are contentions in the land. 
  • There were class distinctions with great inequality. 
  • There was willful rebelling against God. 
  • Lawyers are angry with the righteous who testify and combine against them. 
  • Cultural degeneration. 
  • Few were converted, there was a decline in religion, and the people did not believe that Christ would come. 

All of this occurred “in the space of not many years” and the entire Book of Helaman took place in 52 years.  In fact, in only six years the more part of the people turned from righteousness.
– Thanks, Uncle Cory.

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