Opposition to the Plan of Happiness

When Heavenly Father presented his Plan, two of his sons volunteered to be our Savior:

Jesus Christ volunteered first. He wanted to glorify and honor our Heavenly Father. He did not want to take away the gift of agency (the ability to choose and make choices for ourselves) that Heavenly Father had given to each of us.

Lucifer volunteered second. He promised salvation for all. His plan was to take away our freedom to choose and guarantee our salvation. He wanted all of Heavenly Father’s power and glory for himself.

Lucifer’s plan was very attractive for some of God’s children. They feared that they would sin and not be found worthy to return to heaven. They lacked faith and trust in our Heavenly Father.

A war in heaven ensued. This was not a war of physical violence. It was a war of words.

Each of us had to make a decision: Would we decide to follow Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ? Or, would we decide to follow Lucifer?

Heavenly Father knew that Lucifer’s Plan would not succeed. He did not want us to be enslaved to Lucifer. Heavenly Father wanted to shared ALL he had with ALL his children. He wisely choose Jesus Christ to be our Savior. He knew that Jesus Christ would succeed.

This enraged Lucifer. He and his followers rebelled against God. As a consequence, they were cast out. Lucifer became Satan (or the Devil). He and his followers were damned (meaning: they could no longer progress to become like our Heavenly Father): They could not come to earth to receive a body of flesh and bones.

Consequently, they do not want us to succeed. They do not want us to return and live with our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. They want us to sin, so we will not be found worthy to return to our heavenly home.

The mere fact that you were born into this world proves that you passed your first test: You chose to follow your Heavenly Father’s plan. You chose the Lord Jesus Christ to be your Savior. You proved that you trusted your Heavenly Father and wanted to follow his plan.

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