I’ll return to talk about prophets-particularly prophets living our time-later on. For now, I’d like to turn to the topic of scriptures.

Scriptures are sacred books that contain the words of many prophets. The purpose of reading scriptures is to gain WISDOM–NOT KNOWLEDGE.

What??? I know that may seem backwards…. But, I’ll explain why.

The world teaches: “Study books to gain knowledge.” The Lord teaches: “Study scriptures to gain wisdom”. The reason for that is…

Knowledge alone can’t save you. Knowing facts can’t save you.

The gospel of Jesus Christ challenges those who accept Him as the Savior to BECOME SOMETHING. It’s not just about praying, reading scriptures, and going to church. You’re supposed to DO THE THINGS JESUS WOULD DO: Walk-the-walk–not just talk-the-talk or merely read about it or think about it.

It’s about doing it–living the gospel.

“If you’re living the gospel, it will change you: You’ll think differently. You’ll act differently. You’ll see the world differently. Your perspective changes, you’ll see the world how God sees it. You draw nearer to God–and He draws nearer to you.”

Those of us who have made a decision to follow the Savior should do our best to live like Him.

When we fall short, we repent: We pick ourselves back-up and strive to do better going forward. The Lord is the only perfect person who ever walked this earth.

The scriptures teach us to be wise:

  • To act wisely.
  • To make good decisions.
  • To learn from the mistakes of others in the past–so we don’t repeat them ourselves.

In addition to that, the scriptures teach us about…

  • Our relation to God and his relation to us.
  • The Plan of Salvation (how we can return to live with God after this life).
  • The fore-ordination of Jesus Christ to be the Savior of the World.
  • The life and works of Jesus Christ while he lived on earth–providing a perfect example for all of us.
  • The commandments.
  • The necessary ordinances to return and live with God (I’ll talk about this subject in a later post).
  • The organization of Christ’s church.
  • The priesthood.

In time, I will show you that the scriptures explain all these things. To understand the scriptures though, there is no getting around it, you just really have to invest the time in reading them.

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