Part II: Is God really there?

My wife and I are always watching something on Netflix. Recently, we’ve been watching the Once Upon a Time series. We’re starting the 7th season now…. The series is really getting repetitive and is dragging-on by now….

If you’ve watched the series, you’ll know that the people in the mystical town of Storybrooke are “cursed” multiple times by several villains. When this happens, the people “forget” who they really are. They’re “asleep” in the sense that “they do not know who they really are.”

One-by-one, as they are “awoken” and remember who they really are. They then ask others, “Are you awake?”

My dear brothers and sisters, most of the world is sleeping…. Billions of people on this planet don’t know who they really are.

My fellow Christians, “We are awake.” We know why we are here. We know that Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Savior. We know what the purpose of life is. We have a sacred duty and responsibility to help the world know the Savior.

Furthermore, we know that Jesus Christ restored his church. Yes, that’s right, the same church, with the same authority that Jesus Christ left to his apostles when he ascended into heaven, is on the earth again.

You don’t have to believe me…. And, I don’t want you just to take my word for it. I strongly encourage you, though, to humbly ask God in prayer whether the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored.

If you are sincere, believing that God will answer your prayer, with faith in Jesus Christ, you will receive that answer from Him. You will then have a sure knowledge of this truth.

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