Part II: Prophets

This is Part II on a series about prophets.

God is not dead. He lives. He is unchanging. Some people incorrectly suppose that God cared about the affairs of men anciently, but he does not today. That is an incorrect assumption.

God does care. Our Heavenly Father EQUALLY loves ALL his children. Just because some of us were chosen to experience this earth-life later than others does not mean that He is any less interest in our personal happiness and salvation.

When He calls a prophet, it is someone that He trusts to represent Him: It is not someone who will seek for money or popularity with the world.

To the contrary, the ways of the Lord are not the ways of the world. A true prophet will never be popular with the world.

Prophets can be young. Prophets can be old. Age does not matter. Race does not matter. We are all His children. God looks upon the heart.

A true prophet does not seek “followers”. A true prophet’s only objective is to do the will of him who called him–the Lord Jesus Christ.

Just because God called prophet’s anciently, please don’t make the wrongful assumption that He could not do so today. He has all power to do all things according to His will.

We live in a marvelous time in the history of the world. The church that Jesus Christ formed when he was on the earth has been restored. Yes, that same church, lead by a prophet and apostles. Jesus Christ restored it. It is HIS church. HE leads it. Don’t believe me? Pray about it. Ask Heavenly Father if the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored.

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