Part III: Is God really there?

Today, I wanted to discuss more about why we were born into this world:

  • Why did we have to forget who we really are?
  • Why doesn’t God stop “bad things” from happening?
  • Why does God allow “bad things” to happen to “good people” and “good things” to happen to “bad people”?

Once, I heard someone on TV have the audacity to say “When this life is over, God has a he[ck] of a lot of explaining to do.”

When I heard that, I thought: “Whoa! That’s a really bold statement to make.”

The reality is “God owes you nothing!

He has already given you sufficient for your needs: He has given you your very life. The air you breath at this moment belongs to him.

God, our Father in Heaven, did not spare anything from you: He has always done everything in his power for you. He did not even spare his own Son, Jesus Christ, for you–to redeem you.

Come judgement day, we are going to be the ones with lot of explaining to do.

Before this life, we all lived with God, our Heavenly Father, our Heavenly Mother, and our all our siblings. We lived together a long time–and learned much. But, there were somethings what we could not learn in heaven….

Let’s do a thought experiment….

Imagine that God called you to become a concert violinist. You were to go the best school and learn from the best teachers with one condition: You were not allowed to touch a violin until your first concert performance.

As a result, you studied…and studied…and studied some more. You memorized all of the music and all of the chords. Finally, the night of the concern comes. The crowed is silent as you walk-out onto the stage with the spotlight fixed on you.

Finally, you get to hold a violin (which you have been studying about for eons), for the very first time. You rest it upon your shoulder as you’ve seen your teachers do countless numbers of times, you rest you bow on the strings, and try to play…. And…. And….

And…. It does not go well…. SCREECH….SCREECH….SCREEEEEEEECH.

The concert is a failure. You never learned to play the violin.

You sadly come to this stark realization:

The only way that you could have learned to play the violin is by playing the violin.

My friends, the same was true of our experience in heaven. In heaven, we studied about earth-life. We had “knowledge”–but no “experience”, no “wisdom”.

In heaven, there was no wickedness, no evil, no hatred, no jealousy, no want, no greed, no pride, no sickness, no racism, and no death. In heaven, we never experienced scarcity before. We never knew what hunger, thirst, fatigue, sickness, loneliness, or sadness really was because. Undoubtedly, we learned that these things existed, but we didn’t know exactly what they were–because we never experienced them.

We never fully-grasped why something so silly as printed paper (this thing we’d call “money”) would cause so many of God’s children to make so many poor decisions.

In order to “gain knowledge”, we all had to experience these things for our selves first-hand. We all had to leave heaven in order to do that.

So, now the question: “Why did we have to forget who we really are?” I’ll start to answer that in the next post…

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