Part V: Is God really there?

Life will kick you in the teeth. No doubt about it. Life is not easy.

If you think you’re life is easy and that you’re not being tested, rest assured, you still are…. You’re just not being tested in the way that you expected.

My son was born without a left hand.

His life is tough. It’s going to be tough. Things that you and I take for granted everyday-like tying your shoes-are very difficult for him. In today’s digital age, learning to type on a computer will be fun.

Other kids judge him. Some make fun of him. There’s nothing that he can do about that. People rudely stare at him sometimes.

This is simply a test that God wanted him to have. It is not just a test for him though. It is also a test for those whom he interacts with: Are they judging? Are they friendly? Do they make fun of him? Do they treat him any different? Will future prospective employers think less of him–that he can’t do the work of a two-handed employee? Will girls want to date him? Etc, etc, etc….

Like all tests, this test is just temporary. If not through the marvels of modern science in this life, he will have a left hand in the resurrection.

Knowing that some day, he will have that left hand gives him comfort. I know that this is true.


Just in case you’re curious…. My son’s hands were on the paper because they were being measured for 3-D printed prosthetic hand.

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