Part V: The Old Testament

This is the Part V on a post about the Old Testament. Today, I just wanted to give a quick, one minute overview of the Old Testament:

As discussed previously, the Old Testament starts off with God creating the earth. Lastly, God creates Adam and Eve and puts them in the the Garden of Eden. As a result of transgression, they are required to leave. They have children. Some are righteous, some are wicked.

Many years pass. Enoch leads a group of righteous people. They are taken up to heaven. After many years, the majority of God’s children are wicked. The prophet Noah saves his family from the flood.

Many years pass. God’s children are wicked again. They build a tower to get the heaven (The Tower of Babel). God thwarts their attempts to do so by changing the language of the people.

Many years pass. Abraham is a righteous man. God promises him many great and wonderful blessings–including the “promised land”. His name is changed to Israel. Abraham begat Isaac. Isaac had 12 sons. Their families were called tribes (the 12 tribes of Israel).

Isaac begat Jacob. Jacob (the one with the coat of many colors) gets sold into Egypt. Later, his family join him in Egypt. The descendants of Israel (Abraham) are called Israelites. After many years in Egypt, the Egyptians enslave the Israelites. After 400 years in Egypt, the prophet Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt.

Because of wickedness, the Israelites wonder for 40 years in the wilderness. Joshua eventually leads the Isrealites into the promised land.

After first, the Israelites had judges to lead them: God was their king. Because of wickedness, they eventually rejected God and decided to have their own king.

Many kings followed: Saul, David, and Solomon. By then, the Israelites had obtained the promised land. However, that prosperity was short-lived. The kingdom was eventually divided.

Many generations of wars ensued with the Northern Kingdom and Southern Kingdom constantly fighting. Eventually, the 10 tribes in the Northern Kingdom were taken captive by the king of Babylon.

After many years, the Israelites are allowed to return. Eventually, the promised land is captured again, this time, by the Romans. This is where the New Testament picks-up the story.

The following diagram can help you to get a rough idea of the chronology of the books of the Old Testament:

Additional Resources
If you are already well-versed in the Old Testament or would simply like to learn more, I highly recommend the following manuals:

Children’s Scriptures: The Old Testament
As a final note, I would just like to say that I love the children’s scriptures because they teach the gospel so simply. Adults and children alike can learn the simple truths of the gospel by reading them.

In case you’re interested in getting a copy, here’s a link to download the PDF version of the Old Testament that I read with my children. At a really high level, it gives a brief overview of the main stories of the Old Testament.

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