Part VI: Recognizing answers to your prayers

This is Part VI on a series about recognizing answers to prayers.

Although prayer seems like such a simple thing, your salvation depends upon it.

If you don’t pray, you can’t repent. If you don’t repent, your heart will never change. If that doesn’t happen, you cannot be saved.

Everything rests upon prayer. Salvation is a very personal thing. It involves you, your Heavenly Father, and your Savior, Jesus Christ.

“You can’t bring your will in alignment with God’s will if you never speak to Him.”

Everything that I will ever write about in a subsequent post depends upon prayer. You have to pray to Him to know that the things that I share with you are true. HE is the truth. The things that I share are HIS truth–not my truth. If you want to know the truth, ask HIM.

Next, we’ll discuss commandments, then priesthood, then prophets, and the scriptures. Eventually, we’ll get to latter-day prophets and the restored church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Always remember, you are a Child of God. He loves you. He is the source of all truth. He can reveal to you what is true if you seek his counsel, in humility, through prayer.

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