Post IV: Is God really there?

So, we now come to the question: If we lived with God before this life, why don’t we remember it? How does it “help us” to not remember that?

There are several reasons:

  • To develop faith in Him.
  • To test us: To see whether we are inclined to seek Him (or not).
  • For Him to know whether, He can trust us.

In grade school, would you be inclined to cheat on a test if you knew the teacher might be looking over your shoulder? Would you be more inclined to cheat if you see the teacher leave the classroom? Would you be more inclined to cheat if you see the teacher leave the classroom and you see your classmates passing around notes with the answers? Would you do what is right?–not cheat. Would you go even beyond that and discourage others from cheating?

To your classmates later dismay, it just so happens that the teacher had a video camera recording their interactions in the classroom the whole time they were gone. BUSTED!!!

Our daily test isn’t that much different…. Everyday we make decisions…. We don’t see the “Master Teacher” but He’s there. Everything we do is recorded in heaven–good and bad.

Would anyone ever do anything bad if God punished them immediately? On the other hand, would any only “do good” out of the goodness of their heart or merely out of fear of punishment?

As a Christian, our motives are wrong if we are only doing good because we want a “reward.” We should want to “do good” because we love God and we love our fellow brothers and sisters (EVERYONE).

If we develop Charity, we change. There is an internal change that happens within our soul. We become Christ-like. We become one with God. We have the same desires and thoughts as God. That’s the goal.

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