Pre-earth life

Did you realize that you lived long before you were ever born into this world? Did you know that you had a Spirit body? You had a head, hands, legs, etc. Your Spirit was not void and without form (like a cloud or mist). You had a body. You also had a gender–the same one you have now (the same gender that you’ll always have).

In fact, your Spirit body was a lot like the body you have now–without flaws. Your Spirit body would be easily recognizable to anyone that you know now.

Think about that for a moment: You have always existed, and you will always exist. Not only is this true of you, but this fact is also true of everyone you will ever meet. Like you, they lived before this earth-life.

In this pre-earth life, you were born as a Spirit child to Heavenly Parents. You have a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother. They were your parents. You are their child. They are perfected, Holy beings. They are Gods. You were born to them as precious daughter or son: You are literally a daughter of God or son of God. You grew-up in their presence. Living in their kingdom. You are Royalty. You are a their child. They gave you a name. They loved you then, and they continue to love you now.

Our Heavenly Father is a man. Our Heavenly Mother is a women. Our Heaven Parents have bodies. Their bodies are not like our bodies now though. We were Spirits back then. They were not Spirits like us. Unlike us, they had bodies of flesh and bone–similar to the bodies like we have now. Except, their bodies are perfect: They never grow old. They never die.

If we were to see them now, we would shock ourselves how easily recognizable their faces are to us. You would recognize them as easily as you would recognize your own earthly mom and dad.

You were born to them as a Spirit child–their literal offspring. Now that you understand your relation to them, you must also realize that this is true of everyone. Everyone around you is a daughter or son of Heavenly Parents. Everyone around you is literally a sibling to you: They are a Spirit Sister or Spirit Brother. Everyone that you have met or will ever meet in this life is literally of your Heavenly Family. You lived with your siblings for eons and eons of time. You knew them. They knew you. You spent eons of time living together with your Heavenly Family.

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