Part I: Prophets

This is first post in a series on prophets.

Once you know how to pray and recognize answers to your prayers, you can know for yourself what is true.

Since Adam and Eve, God has called righteous men to lead those who seek to do his will. These men are prophets.

Prophets speak for God. They are his mouthpiece. They are given His power and His authority. They act in His name. They do His will–always.

God knows their hearts. God trusts the prophet to lead us. God knows that the prophet will not lead us astray.

True prophets teach that Jesus is the Christ. They teach that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. They teach us to follow the commandments of God. They teach us to repent, be baptized, and receive the saving ordinances only available in the Houses of the Lord.

Like the Savior, a prophet does not seek to be popular with the world. They do not seek wealth or popularity. They do no grandstanding.

God never intended us to be born into this world, have no understanding of why were here, and then die. He has called prophets to lead us, guide us, and show us the way back to our heavenly home.

They are shepherds to us. They teach us what the Lord would have us do.

Having said all that, there are many bad and evil influences in this world. God doesn’t want us to be blind followers. We can’t be saved in ignorance.

“Just because someone claims they know the will of God, doesn’t mean that you should blindly follow them. Don’t be fooled.”

It is your responsibility to pray to God and get confirmation that what a prophet tells you is true. Your salvation is up to you. Not anyone else.

God’s ways are not confusion. God chooses only one spokesperson on the earth at a time to be his prophet.

Anciently, God called prophets. The scriptures are sacred books that contain the writings of some prophets.

“As in all things, you can know that the scriptures are true by asking God if they are true.”

No amount of studying or schooling will ever prove they are true.

Just because you have the scriptures, you needn’t make the wrongful assumption that the scriptures contain all of God’s word. God is endless. His works are endless. If all the works of God could be documented, this world could not possibly contain the number of books that would have to be written.

God has created more worlds than number the sands on the seashore. It is, in fact, wrongful thinking to imagine that all His words can be summarized in a few hundred pages.

If you don’t believe me, ask Him.

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