Part V: Recognizing answers to your prayers

This is Part V of a series on recognizing answers to your own prayers.

Sometimes, you may not receive an answer “because you already made-up your mind”. Why should God tell you what to do, if you’ve already decided what you are going to do? What benefit is that?

When you pray, you should have an open mind…. You should be trying to align your will with God’s will. This takes humility–to recognize that His wisdom is greater than yours. He is God. He sees the grand perspective of all things. If you pray thinking that you’re smart than Him, thinking that you know what is best, you’re not going to get an answer. What would be the point?

In other instances, you may not get an answer because “You already know the answer.” If you’ve received an answer once already and you were prompted to do something, and you did not act on it, why should the “next step” be revealed to you? If you didn’t follow the first step, why should God show you the next step? What would be the point?

If you’re having a really hard time recognizing answers to your prayers about the BIG QUESTIONS, I would recommend doing the following:

Say a prayer. In your prayer, tell your Heavenly Father that you’re having a difficult time recognizing answers. Ask Him to help you learn how to recognize answers.

The Holy Ghost testifies of truth. All truth. Always. All the time. Therefore….

“Ask God a question to which you already know the truth.”

Then, listen for an answer.

Ask a Yes/No question, any question, to which you already know the answer. As you kneel and wait for an answer, compare, how you feel when you ask God, “Is this a ‘Yes’ answer?” or “Is this a ‘No’ answer?”

What thoughts come to your mind? Are they positive? Are they negative? Ask multiple times. Compare the difference. What do you feel? Do you feel positive or negative? Compare the difference.

The main point is this:

“If you can learn to recognize the answer to something that you know is true, then you can learn how to recognize an answer to something that you don’t know is true.”

Yes, you can ask God’s help for anything–even to learn how to recognize answers to prayers.

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