Part II: Recognizing answers to your prayers

This is Part II on a series of recognizing answers to your prayers.

Recognizing answers to prayers can be difficult. Sometimes the answer is a resounding “Yes”. Sometimes, the answer is a resounding “No”.

Usually, the answer is much quieter….. If “Yes”, you’ll have positive feelings and thoughts. If “No”, you’ll feel doubt, anxiety, or negative feelings.

There are many other types of answers you may receive though. Sometimes the answer is “Call back later”. Meaning: The answer to that question is not important right now, but it will be later–so ask again later.

At other times in your life, you won’t receive an answer. This can be a very frustrating experience: You are pleading with God for an answer and you don’t feel like you are receiving one. Don’t get discouraged! If you are consistently pleading and not feeling anything, that IS your answer.

Meaning: God trusts you! He trusts you’ll make the right decision for yourself–without his help. Don’t get discouraged about not being told what to do. God wants us to “grow-up”, be independent, and learn how to think for ourselves. So, YOU SHOULD FEEL GOOD went you don’t get an answer. God is trusting you–that you’ll do the right thing.

Have you ever had a child come to you and ask you a question–and, instead of answering his or her question, you answer by asking them a question? When you don’t feel an answer, sometimes the answer is “What do you think you could do to solve this problem?”

If an answer is urgent, ask yourself “What else can I do to solve this problem? What haven’t I tried yet? Who else can help me? Who can I talk to? What research can I do?” Ask God, “What else can I do to solve this problem? What else can I do to reach this goal?” He once said, “Ask, and ye shall receiving. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” You gotta ask though. God helps those who help themselves.

How serious are you about getting the answer you need? Are you merely asking for help or are you actually doing EVERYTHING within your means to get the help you need? God is not a “genie in a bottle” or Santa Clause. Don’t waste your time just praying for things that you want:

“If you are not willing to do everything within your means to accomplish the thing that you are praying for, your prayer is in vain. Don’t expect an answer…. You’re not likely to get one.”

If you’re not willing to work for the thing that you’re praying for, why should God answer your prayer? You obviously don’t care enough to work for it yourself. Why should He bless you with something that you’re unwilling to work for?

God wants all his children to develop faith. We demonstrate our faith by our works–what we do. Do we just talk-the-talk? Or, do we also walk-the-walk? If you want something, work for it!

Sometimes we don’t receive answers because we’re not praying for the right thing…. Ask “What can I do? What more can I do?”

For example, say, “Please help me find a book/Blog that I can read which will give me ideas on how I can solve my problem” rather than “Please solve this problem for me (without any work on your part).”

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