Part III: Recognizing answers to your prayers

This is Part III of a series on recognizing answers to your prayers.

When you pray, pray for the right purpose. The purpose of prayer is not to state a laundry list or “Wish List” of things you want. To the contrary, the purpose of prayer is to align Your Will with God’s Will.

If your heart is right, you pray with humility. You recognize that you are speaking to deity. You are speaking to royalty. You are speaking to someone who already sees right through you–faults and all.

If you approach prayer the right way, IT CHANGES YOU. You come to understand what your Heavenly Father wants for you and what He wants you to do. God does not change his plan for you. You change.

You may be inspired to give-up a bad habit. You may be inspired to call a friend. You may be inspired to give-up some of the time you waste on social media making “fake friends”.

If you’re praying to “know what God wants you to do”, you’re much more likely to get the answers you are seeking.

If you’re praying to “tell God the answers that you want”, you’re not likely to get an answer.

All questions are not of equal weight though. The some of the BIG QUESTIONS are:

  • What is the purpose your life?
  • Why are you here?
  • Where are you going after you die?
  • Does God exist?
  • What does God want you to accomplish in this life? Who can you serve?
  • Is Jesus Christ the Son of God? Did he atone for your sins so you can return and live with him (if you repent and keep his commandments)?
  • Will you choose to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who has the authority of God?

Other questions in your life are of far less significance. In the grand scheme of things, they are of very little importance.

If your company downsized today and you lost your job, that would be a tough trial. You may stress over paying your mortgage, paying for food, paying utilities, etc.

Your eternal salvation doesn’t depend on your career though. Jobs will come and go. If you do everything within your means to find a new job, the Lord will bless you eventually. Your prayer won’t go unheard. You will eventually find a new job. Don’t get discouraged!

When praying, you are more likely to get clearer answers when you ask the BIG QUESTIONS. They are much greater significance for you then the day-to-day trails that you’ll surely face.

Keep the right perspective on things. No doubt about it this life is tough. It will kick you in the teeth. If life handed you everything on a silver plate, you’d never have to become something.

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