The Light of Christ

Our Heavenly Father wants all of his children who experience this earth-life to return and live with him. To each of us, he has given a gift. This gift is the Light of Christ. Although you may have never realized it, you have been given this gift from your Heavenly Father.

This is a gift that this distinct and separate from the Gift of the Holy Ghost (We will discuss the Holy Ghost in another post.).

Inside your body is a Spirit. Your consciousness is that Spirit within you. The Light of Christ, if you choose to listen to it, is an inner conscience. It is an inner compass that will help you recognize truth. It can help you make righteous decisions that will help guide you back to your heavenly home.

We are all born with this gift. We all innately understand “right” from “wrong”, “good” and “bad”. If we seek to come to know the Lord though prayer, we can recognize answers with this gift.

God desires ALL His children to accept the atoning sacrifice of His Beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I plead with you…. Ask God, your Heavenly Father, in prayer, if he sent his Beloved Son, Jesus Christ to atone for your sins. Ask Him sincerely with full purpose of heart. With faith, expecting an answer.

He will answer your prayer. That is not my promise. That is HIS PROMISE.

No matter what successes or failures you’ve had (or will have in this life). Your life will lack purpose and meaning until you understand your true relation to God, your Heavenly Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. They love us beyond our comprehension. They made it possible for us to return and live with them. It is your choice whether or not to do so.

There are many gifts of God. They all lead us to Him. They will bring us joy and happiness in this life–and eternal bliss in the world to come. Gifts of God help us be instruments in His hands to help our fellow brothers and sisters looking for truth.

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